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Judy Cantu

Elected to a term March 2014 - March 2018

The Honorable Judi Cantu is a native daughter of Taos and in 2014 was elected to the Town of Taos Council. Judi is a great, great-great granddaughter of the legendary Padre Antonio Martinez.  She is the daughter of the late Mayor Philip Cantu Jr. and Angie Cantu, granddaughter of Josie Montaño-Cantu and Felipe Cantu Sr. 

She has four children who are all members of the Jemez Pueblo: Christy Loretto-Erkins, Julie Loretto-Daw and twins, Joshua Loretto, and Monique Loretto Martinez; along with five precious grandchildren: Xochitl and Jaden Archuleta, Savaante Erkins, Raquel and Jaydah Martinez.

She feels blessed to have been born in the sacred valley of Taos and is fiercely protective over what she considers to be the unique gem on God's fantastic earth. She is ardent about the simplicity within historic traditions and wishes to promote cultural preservation/revitalization.

”My people are indigenous in themselves. Mestizo is what many people native to Taos truly are. Those of us with Spanish surnames are a mixture of many bloods. The Spaniard, under various circumstances, had children with the Native people, in addition to the mixtures of other races.  It is a rich subculture, that I, like so many others, are fortunate to inherit.  My family has traced our roots back to Portugal, Italy and Spain. My History is quite complex with many fascinating facets.

It is so important in this 21st century with so many changes in this world, that we preserve and protect our history and culture. Assimilation in this fast-moving world of technology, can often take away from the celebration of life. We can’t lose who we are, we need to celebrate who we are and promote our unique culture and language, by getting together with our friends and family.  Try to recreate that rich bond we once shared with one another so readily, when socialization was a priority.  At this time, it is crucial to staying connected to our roots as life seems to be changing so quickly.”

Judi has 20 years combined work experience in the capacity of property management.  As a third generational protégé of self-owned business people, and voted in as Manager of Cantu LLC; she manages, maintains and oversees the successful operation of not only the family corporation as a principal administrator, but also works diligently to facilitate and ensure the smooth running of commercial property within Cantu Plaza; in addition to her own private property and residential rentals as well.  Other areas that fall under her purview as corporate CEO include recommending changes to policies or procedures to improve operations of the corporation, planning budgets for contracts, equipment, and supplies; and she aims to ensure that company targets towards maximum potential efficiency. 

Judi has the heart of an entrepreneur.  She has also co-owned and operated a small art gallery in Taos named Loretto Pueblo Crafts, whose goal was to offer pueblo artisan’s due exposure and recognition.  She has also worked at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center utilizing skills of inventory management and control as a receiver.  Her exposure to authentic native craftsmanship has been pivotal.

Judi has a spirit of goodwill mixed with the pleasant surprise of a “tough as nails” no-nonsense- orientation approach towards life.    She wishes to further encourage her life experiences by contributing in whatever ways she can influence and inspire positively, and is especially interested in promoting a higher quality of life experience.

Phone: 575-751-2002
Fax: 575-751-2026
Cell: 575-613-0200


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