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In 1979 the Town and County created the Extra Territorial Zone or ETZ. The ETZ was administered by the Town of Taos and Governed by the Extra Territorial Zone Commission which was appointed by the Mayor. The ETZ was an effort to manage growth of the greater Taos area.

The creation of the ETZ had unintended consequences: Confusion in the building process and in the provision of services. There was some concern that residents of the ETZ were not being fairly represented by elected officials.

In 2006, the Town Council and the Taos County Commission unanimously decided to rescind the Extra-Territorial Zoning District and the joint Commission that regulated the area. Due to concerns regarding future provision of Town services and in the interest of clarifying law enforcement and emergency response jurisdictions the Town Council commissioned a feasibility study to determine which areas were most suitable for annexation.  The study determined that it was feasible to pursue annexation for nine areas of Taos County (please see the associated maps for these locations).  These areas are either surrounded by or adjacent to the Town’s boundaries. In January 2007, after a substantial public process during which many of the affected neighborhoods expressed that they were not supportive of annexation, the Town Council determined that the Town would not initiate any further annexation due to the lack of public support, the costs associated with providing additional services to newly annexed properties, and the lag in providing services to certain areas already within the current municipal boundary.  The full 2007 Annexation Study, including an outline of recommendations, is available for review.

Related Links:

  1. Myths about Annexation (FAQ) There are many misconceptions about annexation. We have put together a webpage that covers some of the most common misconceptions and answers some of the most commonly asked questions.
  2. Interactive Map We have created an online interactive map that details the areas that have been proposed for annexation.
  3. Final Report (PDF 829KB) An Albuquerque company, HDR Engineering Inc. Was Commissioned to study the feasibility of annexing the proposed areas. The company produced a detailed report on the findings of the study.
  4. November 4th Presentation (PDF 1.99MB) On November 4th, 2006, the Town of Taos Planning and Zoning department had a series of public meetings regarding Annexation. This is the presentation that was given to citizens for the meetings.
  5. November 4th Summary (PDF 99KB) Summary of the meetings held on November 4th.
  6. Annexation Handbook The Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) is a non-profit, independent organization under the
    Bureau of Governmental Research at the University of Washington. Their mission is "working together for excellence in local
    government through professional consultation, research and information services." They built the handbook based on laws in Washington State.
  7. Petition for Annexation (PDF 39KB) If you have property in one of the areas under consideration for annexation and are in favor of annexation, you can fill out this form and submit it to the Planning and Zoning Department in Town Hall.


Maps of the proposed annex areas can be found below


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