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License, Permit and Development Review Applications

Application Submittal Policies

  1. Application Submittal Guideline PDF
  2. Planning Zoning and Economic Development Department Hours Policy PDF
  3. Master Revised Work Program (October 2016)

Building Permit and Related Applications

  1. Administrative lot split, Plat Vacation, & Lot line adjustment application
  2. Administrative Permit Application
  3. Alarm System Application/Registration Form* (Interactive Form)
  4. Architectural Review Application Packet
  5. Building Permit Application
  6. Consturction Migration Checklist
  7. Demolition Permit Application
  8. Grading and Excavating Permit Application
  9. HERS Certificate
  10. Homeowner Responsibility Consent Form
  11. Provisional Permit Application
  12. Water and Sewer Service Application
  • Ordinances Related to Building Permits
    • Night Sky Ordinance
    • High Performance Buildings

Business Applications

  1. Business License *
  2. Itinerant Vendor License * (Interactive Form)
  3. Sign Permit Application
  4. Pushcart Application
  5. Home Occupation
  6. LEDA

Land Use Development Applications

  1. Annexation Application
  2. Conditional Use Application Packet
  3. Manufactured Home Permit Application
  4. Special Use Permit Application
  5. Subdivision Application
  6. Planned Urban Development (PUD) Application
  7. Variance Application Packet
  8. Water and Sewer Service Application
  9. Zone Change Application
  10. Zoning Verification Letter Application
  • Land Use Denial Appeal Application

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