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Planning and Zoning Logo

Mission: The Planning Department carries out the Town’s planning, zoning and regulatory policies while providing consistent, high-quality service.

Team Planning recently underwent an assessment in an effort to maximize their capacity and responsibilities with the intent to achieve the following goals:

  1. To enhance the Department’s knowledge capital by reclassifying Team members to the best possible position and encourage growth through professional development
  2. To produce a Department proficient and efficient in the delivery of public services
  3. Ensure compliance with a recently updated Planning & Zoning Department organizational chart
  4. To employ the Town of Taos Management Team’s Shared Values – which is to encourage Team members to be part of the decision-making process and exercise proactive listening, which results in less turn over and loss of institutional memory.

The Planning and Zoning team is responsible for planning the long term sustainable growth of Taos, monitoring the quality of building in Taos, and enforcing the towns zoning, building, animal control and property use codes. Team Planning is divided into four distinct divisions; Planning, Code Enforcement, Building, and Planning and Zoning Commission. Each division performs duties vital to the team and the town.



The Planning division works in concert with the Planning and Zoning Commission to coordinate with the Town of Taos Council to research and recommend Land Use Development Codes. (LUDC) The Planning division processes all pre-development applications and reviews site plans.



The Building Division is responsible for processing all building permits, Demolition permits and oversight of all excavation in Town limits. The goal of the Building Division is to guide the physical growth and appearance of Taos in order to enhance the collective quality of life of Town residents and to ensure safe, healthy, and quality development. The building division does all onsite building inspections in Town Limits.


Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division processes Business Licenses, Sign Permits, Banner Permits and addresses issues regarding the Land Use Code or Municipal Code. Code Enforcement is also responsible for animal control issues within the Town limits.


Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning & Zoning Commission consists of residents residing within the Town of Taos. P&Z Meetings are held every first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm at the Town of Taos Council Chambers, located at 120 Civic Plaza Drive. All members are appointed by the Mayor. Duties and responsibilities of the P&Z Commissioners are as follows:

  • To exercise all powers granted to a planning authority or zoning commission.
  • To review, modify, reverse, affirm, approve, or disapprove all applications with or without conditions, restrictions, or clarifications.
  • To hold Public Hearings and recommend changes to the Town Council. to approve, disapprove, modify, revise and update, as required, the Town of Taos Master Plan.
  • To approve and adopt such forms as the Commission deems advisable.


High Performance Building Ordinance

High Performance Building Ordinance
Town of Taos ordinance 09-03. The town council of the town of Taos adding a new section to the Taos building code creating the high performance building program.

High Performance Building Ordinance PDF

High Performance Building Ordinance 10-32 Amendment (PDF)


Regional Water Plan
The Office of the State Engineer has required its 16 state regions to develop Regional Water Plans, signed off on by local government jurisdictions. The Town of Taos recently endorsed the region’s plan – a vote that was delayed in large part due to a gag order by the judge involved in the Abeyta Adjudication involving the parties who were part of settlement of this decades long water-related law suit. To help inform members of the public as to the State Engineer’s activities, the following menu of water related links is provided:


There are plans to annex portions of the former Extra Territorial Zone. We have put together a few pages to help answer questions that may arise.

Town of Taos Planning and Zoning Annexation web


Town Night Sky Ordinance
The purpose of this Ordinance Chapter 15.28 is to regulate outdoor lighting in order to reduce or prevent light pollution. This means, to the extent reasonably possible, the reduction or prevention of glare and light trespass, the conservation of energy, and the promotion of safety and security. This Ordinance will ensure aesthetically appropriate outdoor lighting in keeping with the historic character and night-sky beauty of the Town of Taos.

Town of Taos Building and Construction Code (see below for use)
Town Night Sky Ordinance PDF with Tables and Diagrams (404 KB)


Land Use Development Code (LUDC Title 16)
All of the Town codes including the Land Use Development Code (LUDC) are hosted by Sterling Codifiers. This link will open in a new window. The LUDC is Title 16 of the Town code. As seen below, it will be necessary to scroll down to Title 16 on thecode site. The link will open in a new window.

Screen shot of Sterling Codifiers Town of Taos Code Web Site

Town of Taos Land Use Development Code


     Historic Building GeoDatabase Beta

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