Swimming Lessons

American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program (Ages 5 & Up)

The Learn to Swim program is sanctioned by The American Red Cross and is among the country's leading swimming lesson programs. The cost per week is $40. Participants will be placed in a section best suited to their ability. Participants will be instructed in:

  • Back stroke
  • Bobbing
  • Breast stroke
  • Bubbles
  • Floating
  • Front crawl
  • Prone glide
  • Safety tips
  • Submerging their face
  • Supine glide
  • Use of kick boards
  • What to do in an emergency situation

Advanced participants will also be instructed in the butterfly. If your child does not know how to swim at all please inform the instructor. Children participating in any given level will not necessarily be promoted to the next level, all skills must be completed before participants will be promoted. Each child will receive a certificate for completion of the week.