Wet 'N' Wild Easter Event

The Town of Taos Community Events, Taos Youth & Family Center and Taos Swimming Pool invite you to attend the 15th Annual Wet ‘N’ Wild Easter Event. The event will take place on Saturday, April 13, 2019, from 12:00 pm  –  4:00 pm at the Taos Youth & Family Center and the Taos Swimming Pool. Get ready to get wet!

The main attraction will be a FREE Easter Egg Hunt for 1 – 12 year olds in the swimming pools. That’s right, an Easter egg Hunt in the swimming pools. An original, different twist on the old Easter Egg Hunt tradition and the only in-water Easter Egg Hunt in Taos. The 1-6 year old sessions will be held in the shallow water kiddie pool, and 7 – 12 year old sessions will be held in the larger recreation pool. The hunt will be separated into four age groups 1-3 year olds at 1:00 PM, 4-6 year olds at 1:30 PM, 7-9 year olds at 1:50 pm and 10-12 year olds at 2:00 pm. Due to limited space in the dressing rooms, we recommend your children wear swimsuits under clothing. All participants need to be prompt and will be required to take a shower before entering the pool. There are also a limited number of life jackets available. Easter baskets will not be required. Children will be provided with a green-netted bag instead of an Easter Basket to gather their eggs, toys and rubber duckies. There will be rubber duckies, toys and brightly colored eggs filled with small toys or tickets that can be redeemed for an Easter Basket and egg decorating kits.