GIS & Mapping

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

GIS harnesses the power of modern technology to produce maps and manage spatial data.

GIS in the Town of Taos exists to organize, analyze, and communicate geographic information related to the Town’s services.  Most commonly, this is achieved through the creation of maps.   These may be hard copy maps or interactive web maps.  GIS analysis and mapping helps administrators and elected officials to make informed decisions and communicate with the citizens and businesses of Taos.


Interactive Property Info Lookup Tool

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The Interactive Property Info Lookup Tool brings together many valuable datasets in one interactive web map.  Primarily designed to lookup approximate property boundaries, property ownership, and other property information, this map includes the following layers:

  • Taos County Assessor’s Office Property Parcels (Town of Taos Only)
  • Town Limits
  • Land Use Zones (Town of Taos Only)
  • Historic Overlay Zone
  • E-911 Addresses for Taos County
  • E-911 Roads for Taos County
  • FEMA 100-yr Floodplains (Special Flood Hazard Layers)
  • FEMA Estimated Base Flood Elevation data

Just like Google Maps, you can pan, zoom, and search by address.  In addition, you can search by property code (UPC) or owner number from a property tax bill.  When a property is selected on the map a pop-up window appears.  Click on More Info to view the property record on the Taos County Assessor’s website.

The data is updated on a six monthly basis.  The last update was in December 2018.

Static PDF Maps